Easy Peasy

Feb 26th, 2019

Happy week everyone!

So glad to be here writing my thoughts away with you all.

Woke up early today and ran some errands before I came home to write this blog and get this day started.

So a few things to report this week, one being my 2019 spring merch design is here! I teamed up with a good friend of mine to create this design and if I must say so myself it is super clean. I had the idea of a bike missing its front wheel and the words "Easy Peasy" resting underneath it.

When I was a kid I was racing my bike with a friend of mine and lost control when I noticed a car crossing the same direction I was headed. I panicked and pressed the front breaks which resulted in me being catapulted into the air landing on my left arm breaking my wrist into little pieces.

A lot of the times we aren't prepared for the curve balls life throws our way but the show must go on.

The shirt represents just that and it will be available starting March 1st.

So last but not least I have received my new 2019 Gibson J45 Deluxe!

My whole life since I picked up the guitar I wanted a Gibson but told my self it would cost a small fortune and would probably never own one. If I could travel back in time and tell that kid he was wrong and that he could make anything he wanted in life possible, I would.

Because here I am at 27 years old with the guitar of my dreams.

I also ordered a tube from the 1950s and swapped out the stock tube in my microphone. I gave it a small test trail last night and the results were immaculate.

I'm going to be recording my single this week getting it ready for early spring!

Get ready for some smooth tunes heading your way.

Thank you all for stopping by every week and tuning in, having this platform means the world.

I love staying connected and engaging with you all.

Till next week!



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