2019 has been a steady journey in the right direction.

A good friend of mine Aaron Bowman and I are planning a week-long tour this year, possibly a Texas tour.

That's right folks a week-long tour!

We will keep everyone posted on this as it unfolds.

Getting out of my town to play for people has always been a solid dream of mine for as long as I can remember.

I remember going to shows and thinking to my self "Wow, what a life".

Something about not belonging anywhere but everywhere brought me solace.

Being a musician that has been given the opportunity to not only record and release music for this world but to connect and build relationships with souls I have never met is enough for me.

It's fulfilling enough, I'm not looking for the flashy lights.

I'm looking to speak into your hearts the way many artists spoke into me.

Thank you to everyone who has constantly shown me support you all are best.

Thanks for tuning in this week have an awesome week!

"Something about not belonging anywhere but everywhere brought me solace."


- Von

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