Jan 9th, 2019

Hello, friends!

It's good to be welcoming the new year with new goals and new adventures. As I sit and enjoy my cup of coffee my mind begins to play back my year in review.

2018 was a year I will never forget. From new faces I would meet to the thousands of listeners, I was blessed when I released The Flower Days EP.

This year will be filled with so much love, new music, and more shows I will be playing. I'll be booking more shows and performing locally as often as I can.

I once was told by a wise man to never give up on my dreams as I was busking in sundance square in downtown Fort Worth. At the time I didn't pay much attention to his words but as the years progressed I began to understand the truth behind time. All of us were given a gift the moment we took our first breath of life. Many of us take life for granted and including myself. This year I want to challenge you to remind yourself that every day you wake up is a gift, a gift packaged in a very special way just for you. Pull the rope that makes the bow and unravel the truths in your day. Fill it with kindess, fill it with motivation and sun. Run faster towards what you love and believe in.

“ Time can be your best friend and worst enemy in a split second. Never waste your time because eventually, time will waste you.”



Von Rodri2 Comments