What if?

Jan 22nd, 2019

Today is going to be great, today I will be great.

Tell yourself these words as you live today.

Let your voice stand up and be bright like the sun.

I have a few things to report today, one being a huge announcement that will be here on the 25th. I have been creating so much music in the past 48 hours and it's been so satisfying.

When you feel that rush of creativity flow through your veins run with it.

That's Gods divine fingerprint flowing through you.

How many times have you thought about doing something you really enjoyed and pushed it to the side? I can admit I've done this quite a few times in my life but every time I let time waste I was filled with that question of, what if?

What if you took that leap of faith to travel and discover yourself?

What if you helped that friend who desperately needs affection and kindness?

What if you fasted from the thing you depended on most?

What if you called that sibling you always fight with just to tell them you love them?

What if you wrote that book you always thought would be great?

What if you went for a walk and pondered on all of the possibilities you had to make a difference?

What if you rescued that animal you saw outside your window?

What if you paid for the persons coffee behind you in the drive through?

What if you visited that one teacher that actually cared about you and helped through school?

What if you shared this blog with that one person you know could hear this?

What if you went outside and danced in the rain?

What if you told yourself you were greater than pain?

What if you told yourself you were beautiful every day you woke up?

What if you went to church with the friend that always invites you?

What if you made dinner for the woman you fell for?

What if you picked those flowers from the side of the road and brought them home for her or him?

What if?

These questions should sit on our hearts, as people of this earth we should constantly want to better ourselves.

It gives us purpose.

Today is going to be great, today I will be great.

Tell yourself these words as you live today.

Thank you for your time today sincerely,


Von RodriComment