The Color That Melts In You

I have constantly reminded myself of Gods good graces through the blessings and trials of this life. We are all different and created in such a perfect image. Whoever you are however you look, you're worth it.

Winter is a season that I love. It's when everything around us looks dead and gone. It's the past going away resting waiting to be brought back to life. To become new again is to die with the old you. Patience is the name of the better you. Close your eyes this season, rest your bright soul and let the winter run its course.

Your life is precious, breathe the air that is yours.

Dream the dream that is yours.

But who are we really?

Are we caught up in this yearly routine where we just accept the reality of life and let it be the nature of what it is?

Seek, listen to what is here.

Remember the magic that surrounds you.

I'm excited about this new creation and for the hearts, it'll touch.

The new material that I've been writing has been pulled straight from the core of who I am. The burning love we all know the pain we felt that helped us grown. It's all here, the ghosts we cant run from. The flame that only burns through memories, the heat of summers past, the wind of springs bloom and the color that melts in you...It's all here.

Not sure in what form I will be releasing this material but rest assure that it will be released at some point this year.

Thank you for taking the time out of your gifted day to read this.

god bless,



Von RodriComment