Sept 24, 2018

As we welcome the Autumn season into our lives I am beyond excited to announce that my debut record "The Flower Days EP" has officially made its way into the world. I still can't believe all the work I've been pouring out this year is finally here, that I can take a deep breath in this autumn air and release knowing I will be enjoying the fruits of my labor. All of you have made this experience so magical for my heart and I can't express enough how deeply grateful from the core of my existence I am to know it is speaking to you. These songs have a piece of my heart that I will forever carry with me.

Cheers to the rest of the year and to "The Flower Days EP".

Thank you for stopping by this week! Next blog I will talk about the writing process that goes into creating these songs for you all and some of the inspirations I have that help me pour out what I do.

Von RodriComment