Weekly Blog Nov 19th

Nov 19th, 2018

Hello, friends, I hope everyone had a good weekend.

A lot of awesome things are happening this week, not only will we be celebrating turkey day but we will also be welcoming my new single "Holiday Without You" on Nov 23rd!

This song was meant to feel cozy through the eyes of a desperate man realizing his flaws through the holidays wanting his love back. Ever since I was a teenager I told myself I would release a holiday/Christmas song some day and here it is at 27! So happy I've grown your support over the years and have gotten the opportunity to create music for you all as an independent artist with raw life experiences.

I also wanted to take this time to let everyone know that if you see someone struggling mentally to reach out and be a source of light. Let that person know you're there for them and find help for them as they confide in you.

Though this time of year can be cheerful for most it can also be full of heartache for some!

Many blessings and prayers sent to all of you have an amazing week!



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