Oct 1, 2018

Oct 1, 2018

Happy October everyone!

I hope this season is bringing you much joy as we prepare for the holidays.

I am completely overwhelmed by the response I've gotten this past week on my record, you guys sincerely bring so much love and kindness to my life so thank you.

This week I wanted to write about what inspires me as a musician and the writing process I went through while creating The Flower Days EP for you all.

For the past few years, I've had a chance to step back and let life consume me. After going through some of the hardest trials and tribulations I've ever endured I felt awake. I was shown raw pain through an emotional existence that truly shook me to my core. It is in the most painful of times we see life for what it truly is. Growing through these times I latched on to what I remember breathing life into me as a kid and that was music, music always made me feel like everything was okay. In 1991 which is the year I was born, Michael Jackson released his fourth studio album titled Dangerous. This album harnessed a song on it titled "Will You Be There" that lit a fire in my heart as a child in which I developed my passion for music.

I look at this particular time in life as a flower watching myself grow through this heartache finding my happiness again.

Writing The Flower Days EP was truly meant to be a reminder of the love and magic of life blossoming into its flower, bringing me back to my roots of being a singer-songwriter. If it wasn't for me going through what I did this record wouldn't exist.

So much beauty in these songs so much life and bloom.

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